Maps & Listings

All Drive-in will occur on Wednesday only!
Please note below what time
your space is available to drive-in.
Vendors may drive into the Main Hall from 3-5pm
Reserved Grooming that have a 20x30 or 20x40 space in NORTH HALL that receive an LSSC Invitation may drive into the building from 4-6pm
Other Reserved Grooming  that have a 10x10, 20x10, or 20x20  space & All Non-Reserved Grooming may drive-in from 6:30-8:30pm.
Cars must be out of the building by 9pm
Drag-in will be from 6:30-10:30pm.
Building will close at 11pm.
This staged move-in process is being done in the attempt to create a better traffic flow through the building for everyone.  Please be ready to move-in at these times if at all possible.
Specialty Day
Reserved & Non-Reserved Grooming Drag-in may drag into the building from 6:00am-11:00pm.
Specialties will not start before, but may start later, than 9:00am on Thursday.

The LSSC is working with Dallas County & Building Officials to make sure that the LSSC is compliant with Federal & Local Health regulations/requirements at the time of the event.  Those requirements will be posted here when they are finalize for the July 2021 Event closer to the time of the event.

LSSC Dallas Market Hall - Floor Plan - Dec 2021 - TBD

LSSC Dallas Market Hall - Floor Plan (color) - Dec 2021 - TBD

Reserved Grooming & Vendor List - LSSC Dec 2021 - TBD

Vendor Drive-in Map - TBD

Drive-in Reserved Grooming #1-199 & Non-Reserved - TBD

Drive-in Reserved Grooming #200-399 (No RV's) - TBD

Drag-in Reserved Grooming #1-199 & Non-Reserved

Drag-in Reserved Grooming #200-399

Parking-Valet-Entrances Map