Unloading & Loading

  1. Exhibitors with and without grooming space reservations can drive in to unload through Loading Dock 5 into the North Hall or through Loading Dock 2 into the Main Hall from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesday.  All vehicles must be removed by 9:00pm on Wednesday. Unloading on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday will be done from the loading dock area.
  2. All engines and generators must be turned off during unloading and loading
  3. Exhibitors are required to unload and remove their vehicles as quickly as possible.  You can set up your equipment after your vehicle is removed.
  4. All dogs and equipment must be removed immediately following BIS on Sunday.
  5. The building is fully climate controlled except during hours of vehicle access. Please plan accordingly.
  6. All other loading and unloading must be done through Loading Docks 3, 4 or 5.  No crates, dollies, pens, or other equipment can be transported through other doors or entrances to the building.

Parking-Valet-Entrances Map